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Advanced Spangenhelm


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Advanced Spangenhelm with cheek protection, aventail (mail) and with stand. Early medieval German and Viking helm. Part of medieval armor. Spangenhelm pattern.

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Advanced Spangenhelm

Cheek protection.

Aventail-An aventail or camail is a flexible curtain of mail on a helmet that extends to cover the neck and shoulders.

Material: Steel.

Full size helmet.




The Spangenhelm was a popular European war combat helmet design of the Early Middle Ages. The name is of German origin. Spangen refers to the metal strips that form the framework for the helmet and could be translated as clips, and -helm simply means helmet. The strips connect three to six steel or bronze plates

The spangenhelm arrived in Western Europe and Scandinavia by way of what is now southern Russia and Ukraine, spread by nomadic Iranian tribes such as the Scythians and Sarmatians who lived among the Eurasian steppes. By the 6th century it was the most common helmet design in Europe and in popular use throughout the Middle East. It remained in use at least as late as the 9th century.

The spangenhelm was an effective protection that was relatively easy to produce.


Medieval armor.

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