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Hercules Sword Silver by Marto


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Hercules Sword Silver by Marto Toledo Spain. Officially licensed Sword of Hercules. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys replica.

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Hercules Sword Silver by Marto

Officially licensed sword of Hercules.

Certificate of authenticity.

As seen in TV sword.


Hercules sword silver features

Overall Length: 37 inches

Blade: 27 inches - Stainless Steel

Handle: 10 inches

Pommel: pweter finish detail with bronze dragon

Grip: wood with bronze finish metal

Guard: bronze and pewter finish detail with glass crystal balls on ends - 10" width

Round metal emblem affixed to blade both sides

Blade Stamps: "HERCULES The Legendary Journies"

Blade Stamps: Marto "M", Made in Spain

Blade Stamps: Serial numbered with Certificate of Authenticity included

Box: Marto Made in Toledo Spain emblem


About Hercules sword

Marto, the most respected sword makers in the world, have forged each piece with the highest quality and pure artisan work.
The Hercules sword is a tribute to the adventures and tribulations in witch Hercules was involved during his innumerable journeys around the world.
As Hercules was caplable of handling the many and various altercations he faced-from one eyed giants to three-headed dogs-with his formidable physique and strategic mind, he only called upon his blade in the most extreme situations, the most famous, of course, his fierce battle with the Hydra.
To this day, the image of the son of Zeus with his sword drawn against the hiderous mythical beast has become a symbol of power strength and courage.

All swords come numbered and with a certificate of authenticity.


Officially licensed Hercules sword.

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