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Kaneie Mountain Spider Katana


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Kaneie Mountain Spider Katana SE3007. Yama no Kumo samurai katana sword. A long and powerful samurai sword. T10 steel. Extremely sharp katana sword.

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Kaneie Yama no Kumo (Mountain Spider Katana)

Long and powerful samurai sword.

The Yama no Kumo (Mountain Spider) Samurai Sword is a long (>29") bladed sword that is extremely well made and shaped in traditional style. This sword features a classic spider themed fuchi and kashira with bamboo leaf menuki.

The blade is differentially hardened T10, hand polished in the traditional manner to a full "art" polish. Details in the hamon are exquisite and must be seen in person to truly appreciate. The blade is a well balanced cutter, with healthy niku (appleseed edge geometry).

Katana Materials

Blade Steel: T10
Tsuba: Steel
Habaki: Brass
Seppa: Brass
Fuchi/Kashira: Silver Plated Brass
Tsuka-ito (Handle Wrap): Japanese Cotton
Menuki: Silver Plated Brass
Samegawa: Genuine White Ray Skin
Mekugi: 1 tapered bamboo
Koiguchi: Buffalo Horn
Sageo: Japanese Rayon Silk

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