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Kaneie Budo IV Tough Cutting Katana


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Kaneie Budo IV - Cutting Katana. Tough, through-hardened practice cutting samurai sword. 1060 high carbon steel, overall 38 inches, 27 inches blade. 1 or 2 mekugi version.

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Kaneie Budo IV Tough Cutting Katana Sword

Tough, through-hardened practice / cutting samurai sword.

This sword features a no-frills but highly functional and well shaped set of furniture. The cotton ito is tight with well spaced diamond pattern over genuine ray skin.

The Batto Collection from Kaneie Sword Art feature a through-hardened blade of high carbon 1060 steel.

Through-hardening a sword blade (as opposed to the traditional differential hardening) makes an overall tougher blade that sacrifices the ultimate edge hardness and beauty of a hamon (temper line). But for pure utilitarian use and practice a well heat treated through-hardened blade is hard to beat.

Katana features

1060 High Carbon Blade
High Level of Fit and Finish
Fast Cutting Blade

Overall: 38"
Blade Length: 27"
Handle Length: 9 1/2"
Weight: 2lb 4oz
Point of Balance: 6 1/4"
Sori: 3/4"
Blade Steel: 1060

Tsuba: Steel
Habaki: Brass
Seppa: Brass
Fuchi/Kashira: Silver Plated Brass
Tsuka-ito (Handle Wrap): Cotton
Menuki: Brass
Samegawa: Genuine White Ray Skin
Mekugi: 2 or 1 tapered bamboo
Koiguchi: Buffalo Horn
Sageo: Cotton

Made by Kaneie Sword Art. Distributed by Hanwei.

Sword available with 1 or 2 mekugi. Please mention the prefered version in order note.

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