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Hanwei Great Wave Series Katana SH5004


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Hanwei Great Wave Series Katana SH5004. 40-1/2", Tsunami katana. Tomoe motif, functional, battle ready samurai sword. T10 steel functional katana sword.

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Hanwei Great Wave Series Katana SH5004

Each piece in the Geat wave Series (SH5004, SH5002, & SH5022) is stylized with the renowned Tomoe motif.

The tsuba, fuchi, & kashira are made of black iron and marked with the Tomoe crest (mon).

The blades are hand-forged from T10 high-carbon steel and are differentially tempered using traditional claying methods.

The temper line (hamon) is evident and prominent.

Each piece has a deeply lacquered black saya with a one-piece brass habaki construction.

Real ray skin (same) is used on the tsuka, and the tsuka-ito and sageo are made of premium woven Japanese black cotton.

The katana and wakizashi are constructed with a large o-kissaki and are ideal for cutting exercises (tameshigiri).

The handle on the tanto is an attractive ribbed buffalo horn.

Tomoe Motif
This symbol is ubiquitous on Buddhist and Shinto temples all over Japan. Its name is tomoe, meaning turning or circular, referring to the motion of the earth. The tomoe is related to the yin yang symbol, and has a similar meaning, representing the play of forces in the cosmos. Visually, the tomoe is made up of interlocked flames (or magatama) resembling tadpoles.

Great Wave Series Katana features

Overall: 40 1/2"
Blade Length: 28"
Handle Length: 11 1/2"
Weight: 2lb 10oz
Point of Balance: 5"
Width at Guard: 1.27"
Width at Tip: .95"
Thickness at Guard: .30"
Thickness at Tip: .25"
Sori: 3/4"

Functional, battle ready samurai sword made by Hanwei.

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