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Ancient Iron Warrior Katana TJ3 SkyJiro Forge


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Ancient Iron Warrior Katana by SkyJiro Forge. Brown samurai katana sword. Shinken sword for cutting. Folded steel, 3800 layers.. Overall Length: 40 in.

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Ancient Iron Warrior katana

Ancient Iron Warrior sword is a through tempered forged folded katana. The blade is made from SkyJiro Forge's own proprietary ancient iron high carbon steel. This katana is a middle level martial arts grade sword. For proof of authenticity the SkyJiro forge sword smith will etch his signature on the tang as done traditionally on ancient Japanese blades. This functional katana has been through hardened for extra resilience with a double imitation hamon to give this folded blade the aesthetic appearance of a differential hardened blade. The swords blade is finished with traditional Japanese water stones.

Ancient Iron Warrior katana features

Craftsmanship/Design Grade: [Mokuroku Class/Middle Level].
Sword Type: Shinken (Razor Sharp Katana Wide Blade Cutter).
Sword Weight: 1.1kilo / 2lbs4oz (Without Saya).
Overall: 104cm / 40inch.
Balde Shape: Shinogi Zukuri Style.
Sori(Curvature): 2cm.
Saki-Haba: 43mm.
Moto-Kasane(at Habaki): 63mm.
Hoto-Haba(at Habaki): 350mm.
Nagasa(Blade length): 2.37 Shaku / 28.4 inch.
Tsuka(Handle length): 8.75 Sun / 10.5 inch.
Blade Made: Tenku .72% Tranditional Proprietary Carbon Content with Folded 3800 Layers.
Yaki(Hardness): Tenku Traditional Through Hardening Technique.
Blade Polish: Tenku Hand-Mirror Polish with Japanese Water Stones.
Kanagu(Tsuba/Fuchi/Kashira/ Menuki): Tenku Brass.
Habaki/Seppas: Tenku Brass.
Samé: Stingray Skin.
Tsuka Ito/Sageo: SkyJiro Silk.
Tsuka: Premium Hardwood Handle.
Mekugi: 2x Premium Bamboo Pins.
Saya(Scabbard): Genuine Water Buffalo-Horn Scabbard.
Special Note: Fully Functional Hand-Made High Performance Cutter with Razor Sharp Ha (Edge). These swords are guaranteed to cut Tatami!

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