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Ryumon Bamboo Hand Forged Katana RY-3202


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Ryumon Bamboo Hand Forged Katana RY-3202. Hand forged katana, fully functional, very hard, very sharp, AISI-1065 high carbon steel blade features.

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Ryumon Bamboo Katana - RY3202.

Ryumon has out done themselves with this custom hand carved and painted hard-wood saya with a meticulous bamboo scene on a deep black lacquered background.
The hand forged, fully functional, very hard, very sharp, AISI-1065 high carbon steel blade features a Bo Hi that really sounds when the sword is swung properly.
The HA (edge) is tempered using the traditional Japanese clay tempering technique to a HRC 56 and the back to a HRC 45. A true Hamon (temper Line) is evident along the HA (edge).
The hardwood handle is wrapped in top grade ray skin same and then covered in Japanese brown tsuk-aito cotton braid. The handle is then double pegged to the full tang for added safety. The saya is tied with Japanese brown cotton sageo.



Katana features

    * Fully Functional
    * Overall Length: 41.5"
    * Blade Length: 28"
    * Handle Length: 10.5"
    * Sword Weight: 2lbs 8ozs
    * Iron tsuba with bamboo motif and gold accents.
    * Double pegged full tang.
    * One piece brass habaki.
    * Japanese brown cotton tsukaito and sageo.
    * Authentic top grade ray skin wrapped hard wood handle.
    * Hard wood saya with hand carved and painted Bamboo scene on black lacquer.
    * Scroll style Certificate of Authenticity.
    * Sword bag.
    * Ryumon Imprinted Wooden box.
    * Reference guide.
    * Cleaning kit.
    * Shipping Weight: 23 Lbs (Due to Box Size).

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