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Dragon Katana Ryumon RY-3200


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Ryumon Dragon Katana RY-3200 with scabbard. Handforged katana with a painted scabbard. Fully functional samurai sword.

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Ryumon Dragon Katana RY-3200

Immediately noticeable is the intricately decorated black matte wooden saya (scabbard) which has been engraved with an oriental sea dragon and heavily painted, feeling raised against your fingertips; brown sageo (cord) on the scabbard is thick and braided.

Inside the saya is a hand forged folded 1065 carbon steel blade polished to a mirror finish and decorated with a thick hi (blood groove). An oriental dragon is visible on the tsuba (guard) molded from a zinc-brass mixture and coated with an antique finish. Brown tightly wrapped ito (braid) covers the tsuka (handle) which displays two menuki (wood pegs) pushing through the authentic same (ray skin) underneath the ito.

Included with the hand made katana is a wooden box that makes a wonderful display, the box can also store the included cleaning kit, sword reference guide, sword bag, and wall scroll.


Dragon katana features

41.5" Overall Length
28" Blade
10.5" Handle

Hand forged 1065 high carbon steel blade.
Authentic top grade ray skin wrapped handle.
Hand carved and painted dragon on scabbard.
Includes certificate of authinticity, sword bag, reference guide and a cleaning kit.


Functional samurai swords.

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