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Teutonic Knight Crusader Sword


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Teutonic Knight Crusader Sword. Functional medieval sword of the crusader knights. Sword of German knights (Teutonic order).

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Teutonic Knight Sword

Generation 2/Legacy Arms version of a Teutonic Knight Crusader Sword features their signature build quality and one tough blade.

Third Crusade was issued by Gregory VIII in 1187, after Jerusalem had been recaptured by the armies of Islam under Saladin. Philip and Richard with their armies, departing only in July, 1190, crossed the sea and, after stops at Sicily and Cyprus, landed at Acre, Philip in April and Richard in June, where they joined the siege, and the city surrendered in July, 1191. Philip departed for France in August, leaving Richard in control. The terms of the surrender of Acre included a prisoner exchange and the return, by Saladin, of the True Cross, which he had captured with Jerusalem in 1187.

Knights of Crusades - The Knights Templar, The Knights Hospitallers and the Teutonic Knights.

Made by Legacy Arms for Hanwei.

Sword Features:
Full tang construction
High carbon blade
Polished steel cross guard and pommel

Sword size:
Overall: 43"
Blade Length: 34 1/2"
Handle Length: 8 1/2"
Weight: 3.5
Point of Balance: 5" below hilt
Blade Steel: 5160

Medieval crusader swords.

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