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Uruk-Hai Scimitar Sword UC1309


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Uruk-Hai Scimitar Sword UC1309 by United Cutlery, Kit Rae. Lord of the Rings movie replica. Orcish sword as seen in LotR movie.

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Lord of the Ring Uruk-Hai Scimitar Replica

Discontinued and sold out.
Uruk-Hai are a breed of Orcs, evil fighting creatures created by Saruman. They bear his symbol, the white hand, on their shields and helmets. They are ordered to hunt the members of the Fellowship and find the One Ring for Saruman. Uruk-Hai are armed with deadly scimitars, forged in the mines of Orthanc. Like the Uruk-Hai themselves, this scimitar bears all of the primitive, brute basics of these foul creatures. Roughly shaped and forged, the blade has been authentically "battle worn" with corrosion, rust and tarnish to exactly duplicate the original movie props.

Includes a parchment Certificate of Authenticity.

Uruk-Hai Scimitar features

Overall Length: 31 15/16 inches

Blade Length: 24 3/4 inches

Blade Thickness: 3/16 inch

Blade Material: Full tang high carbon steel, battle worn and tarnished finish, false-edged

Hand Grip: Hardwood, genuine leather wrap

Plaque: 13 1/8 inches x 12 3/8 inches x 3/4 inch wood, adorned with the hand of Saruman icon.


Authentic Lord of the Rings replica.

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