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  • The Pirate Dressing

    The Pirate Dressing - fantasy, medieval, pirate and renaisssance costumes.

  • United Cutlery

    United Cutlery manufaturer - fantasy swords and weapons. Kit Rae swords.

  • Universal Swords

    Universal Swords-manufacturer of wide line of the military swords and sabers (18, 19 and 20th century). American, British, French, Austrian, German, Russian sabers for sale. Napoleonic swords, sabers and daggers. The swords are functional with high carbon steel blades. Made in Pakistan.

  • YNH-YariNoHanzo

    YariNoHanzo sword manufacturer: YNH offers a wide range of quality katanas made of 1045, 1060, 1095, 9260 spring steel. YNH top katanas feature a blades made of all these steels. The katana swords are tribute to famous Japanese samurai lords or to samurai clans like Hosokawa, Minamoto, Taira. YariNoHanzo swords are made in Europe. Any sword can be delivered as a sharp shinken for cutting or a iaito sword for iaido practice.

Showing 25 - 28 of 28 items