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Sword of Christopher Columbus


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Sword of Christopher Columbus made by Marto, Toledo, Spain. Deluxe sword. Famous sword of Cristobal Colon, legendary captain in service of Spanish throne.

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Sword of Christopher Columbus by Marto

Deluxe Sword of Christopher Columbus by Marto of Toledo Spain is a tribute to this great explorer. It is a reproduction based upon swords that were used by the officers of the fleet at that time.  The Christopher Columbus sword has a tempered steel double edged blade, decorated on the upper part with an engraving depicting the three caravels crossing the sea. The hilt is 24K Gold plated metal. The quillons are short, depicting two sea monsters with curved tails, and in the center an anchorhead shaped plaque in burnished metal. The disk shaped pommel is 24K Gold plated surrounding a Silver plated central plaque of the seal of the Spanish Royal Navy decorated with figures in relief. The handgrip is covered with brown velvet and wrapped with a 24K Gold plated metal string.
Christopher Columbus was a geographer and sailor, who conceived a project of exploring the Indies by sailing westwards. Christopher Columbus  unsuccessfully proposed this project to several crowns and fortunes of Europe but it went against the most generalized beliefs of that time because it was based on the theory of a spherical Earth. After 20 years, with many difficulties, Christopher Columbus eventually got the support of Spain and its \"Catholic Kings\". He was granded three boats: La Pinta, La Nina and Santa Maria. On August 3rd 1492 Christopher Columbus departed with his crew from Palos harbour (South Spain). On October 12th 1492 they reached what we know as America, landing in Guanahani Island (San Salvador), the discovery of a new continent had taken place in history.

Columbus Sword Features

* Overall Length: 116 cms - 46 inches.
* Blade: Tempered AISI 440 Stainless Steel - etched.
* Handle: Zamak - 24K Gold plated with Silver plated inlaids and wrapped handgrip.

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