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Japanese Military Officer Gunto Sword


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Japanese Military Officer Gunto Sword. Luxury ww2 Japanese officer sword with scabbard. High carbon steel blade, scabbard.

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Japanese Officer Gunto Sword

This recreation of a Shin Gunto is a finer example of the more elaborate Shin Guntos crafted, for it has an actual Ito grip wrap of leather.

This Shin Gunto has an unsharpened, tempered blade of high carbon steel.

It has a tsuba and pommel cap of brass.

A single, thick copper seppa lies beneath the brass habaki.

The grip is wrapped with a light brown leather and overlaid with brown leather tsuka-ito lacing.

The scabbard is of steel with brass accents and is lined on the interior with wood.

It has a single brass hanging ring.

A simple locking mechanism on the sword and scabbard keep the sword firmly kept in place until released by a button push.

Total length: 100,84 cm...37 1/2".
Blade length: 67,82 cm...26 3/4".

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