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Miniature Conan the Barbarian Destroyer Helmet Keyring (Silver) View larger

Miniature Conan the Barbarian Destroyer Helmet Keyring (Silver)


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Miniature Conan the Barbarian Destroyer Helmet Keyring (Silver) by Marto of Toledo Spain - Official Licensed Reproduction.

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Conan and his partner, Malek, are brought before Queen Taramis who asks that Conan perform two tasks for her: obtain a special gem — which may only be touched by her niece, Jehnna — and retrieve the magic horn that can awaken the god, Dagoth. In exchange, Queen Taramis offers to resurrect Conan's dead lover, Valeria. Conan agrees. Conan, Malak, Jehnna, and Bombaata set off on their journey. Along the way, Conan enlists the aid of his old comrade Akiro and the group later encounters Zula, who joins the party. They then make their way to the castle of Toth-Amon, the wizard who is in possession of the magical gem. However, Toth-Amon kidnaps Jehnna before they get to the castle. The party then breaks into the castle, with Conan fighting products of Toth-Amon's magic before the wizard is mortally wounded and the heroes retrieve the gem and Jehnna.

They then set off after the magical horn, which is kept inside of a mysterious fortress. Jehnna retrieves the horn (using the gem). After some difficulty from the cult residing in the fortress, they try to make their way back to Queen Taramis - however, Bombaata betrays Conan and takes Jehnna, leaving the others to fight for their lives. Conan and his friends survive, however, and give chase after learning the true nature of Dagoth's rebirth from Akiro. At Shadizar, the magic horn is inserted back onto Dagoth as Jehnna is planned to be sacrificed to the god in order to appease him and ensure no calamity befalls the city. However, Conan and his friends break in on the ceremony, preventing Jehnna's sacrifice - causing Dagoth to transform into an uncontrollable monster that kills Taramis. A great battle ensues, during which Bombaata is killed by Conan before he battles Dagoth. The battle ends when Conan manages to weaken Dagoth by ripping out the horn that gives him life, landing the deathblow when Dagoth kneels over. The movie ends with Jehnna becoming the new Queen of Shadizar and giving her surviving companions each a place in her court. Conan refuses an offer of marriage, and leaves to search for his own kingdom.

Our incomparible sword masters from "MARTO" have made this faithful and exclusive licensed reproduction of the Helmet of Conan the Barbarian used by Conan in the Conan the Destroyer movie into a key ring. Marto has taken their exquisitely designed hand-crafted collection of Conan arms and painstakingly scaled them down to create a beautiful arsenal of world-class miniature collectors pieces.

    * Overall Length: 4 cms - 1 1/2 inches

    * Silver Finish

    * Display: Pouch

    * Officially Licensed Reproduction

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