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Alexander the Great Leonatus Sword by Marto


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Alexander the Great Leonatus Sword by Marto DA518. Greek kopis sword. Officially licensed Alexander sword replica.

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Alexander the Great Leonatus Sword

Officially licensed Alexander 2004 movie replica.

With its short length, light weight and trademark single-edge curved blade, the Greek kopis was favored by Alexander the Great for its ability to deliver quick and devastating cuts during close quarter cavalry and infantry battles.

Forged from battle-grade stainless steel and rendered authentically with a hand-finished

Antiqued metal guard, tang pins and ornamented pommel

The museum quality blade marks an outstanding achievement in historical, theatrical and artistic design.

Alexander the Great Leonatus Sword features

Greek kopis sword

Sword Length: 23 1/2 inches

Blade: 18 inches - Stainless Steel

Handle: 5 1/2 inches

Grip: polished and antique bronze with faux ivory handle

Guard: polish bronze finish

Blade Stamps: Marto "M", Made in Spain, Marto - toledo

Blade Stamps: "Made in TOLEDO" official stamp

Box: Marto Made in Toledo Spain official printing

Alexander the Great swords.


Alexander the Great (Alexander III of Macedon, 356-352 BC) was one of the best generals and conquerors in military history.

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