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French Napoleonic Cuirassier Helmet


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French Napoleonic Cuirassier Helmet. Helmet of French Napoleonic cavalry with the long tail. Cavalry helmet from Napoleonic Wars.

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French Napoleonic Cuirassier Helmet

Cuirassiers were elite heavy cavalry of the Napoleonic army.

French cuirassiers

The heavily armoured Cuirassiers of the French army were the ultimate shock weapon. They were usually concentrated in reserve until probing attacks discovered the enemy's weak point. They would then be flung en masse at this point to break the enemy's line. The mere sight of such a deadly mass of armoured horsemen was often sufficient to break all but the steadiest infantry - a credit to the British squares at Waterloo. Imitation is the best form of flattery - to this day, the British household cavalry retains the cuirass as part of its full-dress uniform.

Napoleonic armor.

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