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Napoleonic Chasseur Shako


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Napoleonic Chasseur Shako. Helmet of the French light infantry and cavalry. French Napoleonic armor and uniforms.

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Napoleonic Chasseur Shako

French Officer helmet from Napoleonic Wars.

French Chasseurs

Chasseur, a French term for "hunter" is the designation given to certain regiments of French light infantry (Chasseurs a pied) or light cavalry (Chasseurs a cheval) troops, trained for rapid action.

One regiment of chasseurs was part of Napoleon's Imperial Guard and the Royal Guard of the Restoration.

It was the Chasseurs that usually provided personal escort to Napoleon.

A shako is a tall, cylindrical military cap, usually with a visor and sometimes tapered at the top. The shako is susually ornamental.
Shako was originally worn by Hungarian hussars but the cap was adopted by French, English, Prussian, Russian and even American army.

Napoleonic armor, helmets and uniforms.

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