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Napoleonic Lancer Shako Helmet


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Napoleonic Lancer Shako Helmet. Napoleonic armor, helmets and uniforms. Helm of French lancers. Napoleonic wars.

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Napoleonic Lancer Shako Helmet

French helmet from Napoleonic wars.

French lancers
Lancers typically wore a double-breasted jacket (kurta) with a coloured panel (plastron) at the front, a coloured sash, and a square-topped Polish cap (czapka). Their lances usually had small swallow-tailed flags (known as the lance pennon) just below the spearhead. The use of these pennons was originally intended to disconcert the horses of opposing cavalry in close combat but they eventually became a decorative parade item, normally removed or wrapped in a canvas cover on active service. With the improved range and accuracy of infantry rifles the high profile presented by lancers with their conspicuous weapons became a problem. The uhlans, as lancers are known in the Polish and German languages, of the Imperial German Army were trained to lower their lances when scouting on hill tops.

Although the lance had its greatest impact in the charge, lancers were vulnerable against other cavalry, as the lance proved a clumsy and ineffective weapon (compared to the sabre) at close quarters. By the late 19th century, many cavalry regiments were composed of troopers with lances (as well as sabres or other secondary weapons) in the front rank and men with sabres in the second, the lances for the initial shock and sabres for the melee.


A shako is a tall, cylindrical military cap, usually with a visor and sometimes tapered at the top. The shako is susually ornamental.
Shako was originally worn by Hungarian hussars but the cap was adopted by French, English, Prussian, Russian and even American army.

Napoleonic armor, helmets and uniforms.

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