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Dark Angel Ninja Sword


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Dark Angel Ninja Sword. Reproduction of the legendary japanese sword by Shadow Cutlery. Black 1045 Carbon Steel. Overall Length: 40-1/4". Black saya.

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Dark Angel Ninja Sword

The ninja has its roots in feudal Japan and waged war far different than a Samurai would.  The Ninja, or Dark Angel, perfected espionage, sabotage and of course, assassinations.  Many legends emerged around the Ninja, including, water walking and invisibility; and some reports claim they have the ability to control elements found in nature.

Shadow Cutlery has reproduced the the ninja sword based on these legends, we even included a water-breathing stick that has been inserted into the end of the saya.  There are two versions of this sword, one with 1045 steel and the other in Black Damascus steel.

Dark Angle Ninja Sword Features

Overall Length: 40-1/4".
Blade Length: 28".
Tsuba: Cast Zinc.
Handle: Imation Ray Skin – Cotton Tsuki-ito – Black.
Steel: Black 1045 Carbon Steel.

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