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Polish Sabre 1934. Sabre model 34 (Szabla wz. 34) with steel scabbard. Polish military sabre sword from WW2. Bog Honor Ojczyzna (God, Honor, Fatherland) inscription or a plain blade. Beautiful Polish sabre.

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Polish Sabre model 34 (Szabla wz. 34)

Szabla wz. 34 (literally "1934 Pattern Szabla") was the last service sword issued to the Polish cavalry and other mounted units of the Polish Army. One of the finest weapons in a long list of Polish sabres reaching back to early 16th century.
Sabre was successfully used in combat during the 1939 Invasion of Poland, it remains in service (as szabla wz. 1934/2002) as a ceremonial weapon.

Bog Honor Ojczyzna (God, Honor, Fatherland) inscription.

Polish Sabre 1934 features

High carbon Toledo steel.

Sabre length: 38.6" = 98 cms.

Polish sabres and swords.

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