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Polish Hussar Sabre

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Polish Hussar Sabre model 1750. Szabla polska husarska. Famous sabre of the Polish winged hussars. Beautiful historical sabre with God Honor Ojczyzna inscription. Awesome sabre of the incredible Polish cavalry. Must have sabre suitable any military collection.

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Polish Hussar Sabre

Famous sabre of the Polish Hussars, the elite European cavalry.

1750 AD (18th century model).

Various Sabre Inscriptions available:
God Honor Ojczyzna (God Honor Fatherland).
Vivat Hussaria.
Jesus Maria Spes Mea. (Jesus, Maria protect me).

Polish Hussar sabre features

High carbon Toledo steel.

36.2 inches = 92 cms.

No scabbard. Scabbard version available too (+USD199).

Polish hussars

Polish winged hussars was probably the best and the most effective European cavalry of all time.
Polish hussars succesfully defeated cossacks, Russians, Swedes, Turks and Mongols in various conflicts anbd wars from 16th till end of 18th century.
Polish Hussars were the decisive power who saved Europe from Turks in battle of Vienna (1683).
Hussar motto: Bog Honor Ojczyzna (God, Honor, Fatherland in Polish).

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