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Karabela-Polish Sabre


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Karabela-Polish sabre (Szabla). Turkish sabre worn by Polish nobility (Szlachta) and elite warriors in 17th and 18th century. Sabre derivered from weapons of Ottoman Janissaries and Spahis.

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Karabela Sabre

Originally Turkish sabre worn by Janissaries (elite Turkish warriors).
Karabela means "black bane" in Turkish language.
Initially, the karabela sabres were used mostly for decoration or as a ceremonial weapon worn on special occasions. Popularized during the reign of King Jan III Sobieski, the sabre became one of the most popular Polish melee weapons.

Poles leaders and elite troops worn such sabres during Battle of Vienna (1683) where they defeated 2-3x stronger Turkish army and saved Europe.

Karabela sabre features

94 cms overall - 37 inches.
80 cms blade - 31.5 inches.
1.4 kgs - 2.2 lbs
Decorated blade: Soli Deo gloria insciption-a Latin term for Glory to God alone.

Highly decorative Polish sabre.
Made in Poland.

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