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Polish Hussar sabre of the King John III Sobiesky, hero from battle of Vienna 1683. Luxury Polish sabre in wooden box with red velvet. King Sobiesky was leader of the Polish Hussar and European armies (Austrians, Germans, Poles) in battle of Vienna against Turks (Kara Mustafa).

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Polish Hussar Sabre of the King Sobieski

Decorative sabre design basis on 17th century pattern from the armory of polish king Jan III Sobieski.

Hilt design refers to the head of an eagle, quite short crossguard is richly decorated on both sides. Whole, as one element, has been cast in brass and then polished or patined.

Blade is made of steel, has one fuller and decorative inscriptions in latin on both sides.

Sabre Inscriptions:
\"Pro gloria et patria\" (for glory and fatherland).
\"Vincere aut mori\" (either to conquer or to die).

In addition, these inscriptions are completed with ornaments in the form of plant motifs.

Sobieski Sabre Features

Blade width at cross 3 cm
Weight 1,2 kg
Blade length 78 cm.
Total length 90 cm.
Made in Poland.

Jan III. Sobieski

Jan III Sobieski was originally Grand Marshal of the Crown and later Polish king with experiences from wars against cossacks, Russians, Turks and Swedes.

The greatest success of Sobieski came in 1683 with his victory at the Battle of Vienna, in joint command of Polish, Austrian and German troops, against the invading Turks under Kara Mustafa.

Upon reaching Vienna, Sobieski had planned to attack on 13 September, but with the Turkish army close to breaching the walls he ordered a full attack on 12 September. At 4 am, the united army of about 81,000 men attacked a Turkish force of about 130,000 men. At about 5 pm, after observing the infantry battle from the hilltop, Sobieski led Polish husaria cavalry along with Austrians and Germans into a massive charge down the hillside. Soon, the Turkish battle line was broken and the Ottoman forces scattered in confusion. At 5:30 pm Sobieski entered the deserted tent of Kara Mustafa and the battle of Vienna ended.

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