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Roman Praetorian Helmet


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Roman Praetorian Helmet. Helmet of the elite Roman Praetorian guard. Luxury Roman military helmet with a red plume.

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Roman Praetorian Helmet

Luxury helmet of the Roman Praetorian guard.

Solid 18 gauge steel.

Embossed brass with red horse.

Red hair plume.

Fully lined with leather.

Praetorian Guard

The term Praetorian derived from the tent of the commanding general or praetor of a Roman army in the field—the praetorium. They were an elite recruitment of Roman citizens and others.

Julius Caesar and after him, Octavian Augustus had included a unit of Basques as closest personal bodyguards as initiated by Sertorius.

Later, Tiberius and Caligula would rely on Germans. It was a habit of many Roman generals to choose from the ranks a private force of soldiers to act as guards of the tent or the person. They consisted of both infantry and cavalry.

In time, this cohort came to be known as the cohors praetoria, and various notable figures possessed one, including Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and Augustus (Octavian). As Caesar discovered with the Legio X Equestris, a powerful unit more dangerous than its fellow legions was desirable in the field. When Augustus became the first ruler of the Roman Empire in 27 BC, he decided such a formation was useful not only on the battlefield but in politics also. Thus, from the ranks of the legions throughout the provinces, Augustus recruited the Praetorian Guard.

The Guard was dissolved by Emperor Constantine I in the 4th century.

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