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Thracian Helmet


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Thracian Helmet. Ancient helmet used in Thracia. 18 gauge steel. Functional ancient helmet.

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Thracian Helmet

Circumference: 25 5/8".
Front to Back: 9 3/8".
Side to Side: 7 1/4".
18 Gauge Steel.
4 lb 1 oz.

Directly copying the Phyrgian cap, a popular forward sloping peaked cap - this Thracian helmet has put that style to bronze and metal with the characteristic top and additional protective cheekplates whose design gives its wearer a stylized moustache. Some Thracian helmets were even more elaborately decorated with crests and side decoration. They were worn over felt or leather caps for padding. This design would not be confined to Thrace, for it was adopted by the armies of Alexander the Great. His massed phalanx infantry often wore the Thracian Helmet and this is documented on the tomb attributed to Alexander. His conquests and the subsequent successor empires that flourished in his wake would use Thracian helmets in their armies, making it a mark of military Hellenism.

Spartacus, the legendary leader of the Slave uprising was from Thracia.

This replica, made of steel with a bronze finish, is unlined and the interior of the helm has been blackened. It has rings and a leather strip for tying the cheekplates together. It comes with a white padded arming cap.

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