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Roman Elite Jeweled Helmet Berkasovo


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Roman Elite Jeweled Helmet Berkasovo. Luxury helmet of a Roman officer as found in Berkasovo. Roman legionary armor and uniforms.

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Jeweled Roman Officer Helmet

Luxury Roman officer Helmet.

The Late Roman Officer Jeweled Helmet is a reproduction of a 4th century Roman helmet found at Berkasovo.

The jewels are made from glass settings.

The Late Roman ridge helmet was a type of combat helmet of late antiquity used by soldiers of the late Roman army. It was characterized by the possession of a bowl made up of two or four parts, united by a longitudinal ridge.

In the late 3rd century a complete break in Roman helmet design occurred. Previous Roman helmet types, based ultimately on Celtic designs, were replaced by new forms derived from helmets developed in the Sassanid Empire. A closely related form to the Roman ridge helmets is represented by a single helmet from Dura Europos which is of similar construction, but has a much higher-vaulted skull. It probably belonged to a Sassanid warrior of the 3rd century. This reinforces the evidence for a Sassanid origin of this type of helmet. Two main forms of helmet construction were adopted by the Romans at much the same time: the ridge helmet, described here, and the spangenhelm, which was likely adopted from the Sarmatians. The earliest confirmed example of a late Roman ridge helmet is the Richborough helmet, which dates to about 280 AD.

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