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Russian Cuirassier Sword

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Russian Cuirassier Sword. Napoleonic sword of the heavy cavalry. Unique Russian military sword decorated by the Imperial egale. Tempered carbon steel, leather scabbard.

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Russian Cuirassier Sword

"The Russian Cavalry was fine and commanding. The heavy cavalry are undoubtedly very fine; the men gigantic, the horses good, the equipment superior and in perfect condition."
General Sir Charles Stewart

Russian Cuirassiers
The Cuirassiers were almost unique in this regard and this made them instantly recognizable. Though thick, the breastplate was no sure saviour against the musket or rifle, but it could deflect or ricochet some long-range shot. It did offer good protection from pistol shot at all but the direst of ranges and gave excellent protection from swords and bayonets. This gave the Cuirassier a distinct edge against any of their foes in bladed combats. The reassurance gained from a layer of armored protection gave the already impetuous Cuirassier that extra bit of confidence to dig in his spurs and goad his horse onward and heedlessly into the fray.
The Cuirassier of any nation preferred long straight swords with a thick spine - these blades were held out, as if they were lances to skewer their foe in the charge. Even at slower speeds, the combined momentum, weight and force of rider and horse could fatally kill just by holding the blade out and connecting with foe. Needless to say, these blades were also brutal deadly when slashed from on-high.

The Russian cuirassiers wore black-enamel curaisses, front and back, and were, in the early-years of the Napoleonic Wars, armed with a straight-bladed pallasch. The sword was 82 centimetres long with a half-basket guard.
In 1809, the Russians replaced the German-based weapon with a French-style sabre, which was 87 centimetres long and had a three-bar guard.
Some cuirassiers carried short, rifled carbines for guarding the flanks during an advance.
In 1803, the Russians discarded the old bicorne hat for their heavy cavalry and introduced a very tall and distinctive leather helmet that was crowned by a huge caterpillar mane.

Russian Cuirassier Sword features
Tempered high carbon steel blade.
Double edge.
Overall Length: 41".
Blade: 34 3/4".
P.O.B.: 6 1/8".
Thickness: 5.7 mm - 4.5 mm.
Width: 32.2 mm.
Grip Length: 4 5/8".
Russian Imperial monogram.
Hilt decorated by Imperial Eagle.
Leather scabbard with metal fittings.

Unsharpened and sharp version (delivery takes a little longer).

Napoleonic swords.

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