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1840 Army Cavalry Saber Sword


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1840 Army Cavalry Saber Sword with Scabbard. 40" saber with leather grip. Civil War weapons. Famous military sabre from US-Mexican War and American Civil War. Nickname: Old Wristbreaker.

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The 1840 Army Cavalry Saber Sword with Scabbard

Leather grip (wooden grip version available too).

1840 Cavalry saber features
Overall Length: 40"
Blade Length: 32-1/2"
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Scabbard: Polished Steel
YOUR Choice of Grip Finish
Handle Material: Black Leather grip twisted wire wrap with Gold Finish Metal
Handle Material: Wood grip with Gold Finish Metal
Replica of the Model 1840 Army Cavalry Saber Sword

The Model 1840 Cavalry Saber was based on the 1822 French hussar's sabre. Unlike its replacement the Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber the M1840 has a ridge around its quillon, a leather grip wrapped in wire (rather than grooves cut into the wooden handle) and a flat, slotted throat. It is 44in long with a 35in blade and weighs roughly 2.5 lbs.

The M1840 was designed for slashing and because of its heavy flat-backed blade was given the nickname "Old Wristbreaker."

It was adopted due to the army's dissatisfaction with its predecessor the model 1833 dragoon saber, the first cavalry sword adopted by the US Army.

1840 saber was used during the U.S.- Mexican War by US Cavalry (1846-1848). Some cavalrymen used Prussian sabers with straight blades.
During the US Civil War it continued to be issued to Union Cavalry as in the early years it was more readily available than the M1860. George B McClellan carried one at the front, keeping his regulation officer's sword for full dress occasions. Many were also used by the Confederacy including general Nathan Bedford Forrest who had both edges of his sword sharpened to increase combat effectiveness.

Saber Pictures:
1-1840 cavalry saber.

2-US Dragoons slashing their way by 1840 saber, American-Mexican war.

3-Union cavalry sergeant armed by 1840 saber (1866).

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