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Prussian Saber 1852 Cold Steel 88PSA


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Prussian Saber 1852 Cold Steel 88PSA. Prussian cavalry sabre, perfect balance, steel scabbard, high carbon steel blade, reinforced point. Hghly effective sabre ised in Europe and in American Civil War.

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Prussian Saber model 1852

Blade Length:  33"
Overall Length:  39"
Steel:  1055 Carbon
Weight:  34.4 oz
Handle:  6"
Scabbard:  Steel Scabbard 

In the mid 1800's the world's armies were in a race to field the most effective cavalry arms. The debates raged regarding the merits of the lance over the saber or vice versa. Additionally there were further disagreements, with some favoring the point oriented weapon and others the edge.

The Prussian response was to equip their exalted cavalry with a saber that tried to strike a perfect balance. Roll forged from high carbon steel with a spring temper, it offered a slightly curved blade with a pipe back (spine) that ran down its length to reinforce the spear point. It had a remarkably effective, pierced basket guard and a sharkskin wrapped grip. It was a light, handy saber that cut efficiently and was diabolical in the thrust because of the added stiffness of its pipe back cross section.

Our version, like many of our swords, is rooted in the experiences acquired by our President, Lynn C. Thompson, who fences regularly with 7075 aluminum and steel replicas.

Lynn was impressed with the terrific hand, wrist, and forearm protection offered by the 1852 in addition to its superior fighting characteristics.

Crafted from 1055 high carbon steel with a hard spring temper and a fully sharpened edge, our battle-ready replica mimics the original nearly to perfection. Everything is there; including the pipe-backed blade, the reinforced point, and the pierced steel basket guard. Even the all steel scabbard has been faithfully duplicated.

Military swords.

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