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Austrian Hussar Saber of Marshal Hadik


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Austrian Hussar Saber of Marshal Hadik. Luxury, officer saber of the famous light cavalry. Count Andras Hadik was Hungarian nobleman and Field Marshal of Austria.

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Austrian Hussar Saber of Marshal Hadik

Count Andras Hadik de Futak (1710-1790)
Hungarian nobleman, Field Marshal of Austria.
Andras Hadik was an officer of a Hussar unit in Austrian Army.
Austrian Empire was multiethnical. Hussars  were mostly Hungarians. Uhlans were Poles and Cuirassiers were Czechs and Germans.
Hadik fought in Turkish wars, in War of the Austrian Succession and he bacame a hero of the Seven Years' War.
Hadik (means little snake in Slovak) became famous by his fast and unexpected light cavalry actions and raids.
At moment the Prussian king Frederick The Great attacked Austria, Hadik’s hussars captured Berlin (Capital of Prussia).
Hadik was promoted to the rank of field marshal of Austria, he aquired count title and Cross of the Maria Theresia Order.

Hungarian hussars
During the early decades of the 17th century, hussars in Hungary ceased to wear metal body armour; and, by 1640, most were light cavalry. It was hussars of this 'light' pattern, rather than the Polish heavy hussar, that were later to be copied across Europe. These light hussars were ideal for reconnaissance and raiding sources of fodder and provisions in advance of the army.
In battle, they were used in such light cavalry roles as harassing enemy skirmishers, overrunning artillery positions, and pursuing fleeing troops. In many countries, the hussars and bosniaks actually retained their original Asiatic uniforms. In the late 17th and 18th Centuries, many Hungarian hussars fled to other Central and Western European countries and became the core of similar light cavalry formations created there. Following their example, hussar regiments were introduced into many of the armies of Europe.

Hussar Saber features
Inscription: Andreas comes Hadik Generalis Campi Marschallus Excelsi Consily Aulae Bellici Supremus Praeses.
Steel: Tempered EN9 High Carbon Steel.
Overall Length: 39".
Blade: 33 1/8".
P.O.B.: 8".
Grip Length: 4 1/2".
Pommel: Peened".
The hilt is in brass with a ribbed leather grip embellished with stars of brass.
The wood-core scabbard is covered in leather and ornamented in brass with two brass rings.

Cavalry sabers.

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