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Tachi Meiji Samurai Sword


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Tachi Meiji Samurai Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain. Authentic Japanese Meiji sword replica from medieval Japan. Tachi was sword used earlier than katana. It was a typical sword of mounted samurais.

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Meiji Samurai Sword

Tachi Meiji Samurai sword is a high quality replica reproduction of the original held in the Marto private collection that dates back to the Meiji age, starting with the imperial power restoration in 1868.

The scabbard and the handgrip are made in ivory like resin, finely engraved with mythological scenes which mainly depict dragons. The scabbard is also provided with two hanger rings used to carry the sword suspended with the cutting edge toward the ground, a modality known as jindachi zukuri, opposed to the buke zukuri, instead the typical way of carrying a katana, that is with the blade toward the sky.
Tachi Meiji sword features

    * Overall Length: 105 cms - 41 inches

    * Blade:  AISI 440 steel

    * Handle: Imitation Ivory

    * Scabbard: Imitation Ivory

Meiji samurai sword.

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