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Cold Steel Nodachi Sword 88BN


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Cold Steel Nodachi Sword 88BN-large two handed japanese samurai sword from Warrior series. Large samurai sword, 57" overall.

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Nodachi Sword by Cold Steel

Nodachi is a large two-handed Japanese sword. Nodachi approximately translates to "field sword".

The Warrior Series swords are very handsome in their own right and share the same steel, heat treatment, and sharpness as their more expensive Emperor counterparts. Like the Emperor swords, they have Samé covered, cord wrapped handles and quality fittings. If you’re in the market for a strong, good looking, reasonably priced Japanese sword we know you’ll be happy to own one of these. All come complete with a BLACK LACQUERED SCABBARD and a BLUE/VIOLET COVER BAG.

Nodachi sword features

Weight: 69.6 oz.
Blade Thick: 5/16".
Blade Length: 34".
Handle: 23" Samé (Ray Skin). black braid cord with brass Menuki.
Steel: 1055 Carbon.
Overall Length: 57".
Sheath: Black Lacquered Wood w/blue violet cover bag.

Cold Steel samurai swords.

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