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Renaissance Corseque


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Renaissance Corseque Deepeeka model AH3520. Head 24 3/4", Pole 72". Popular weapon in 16th and 17th centuries. Renaissance pole weapon.

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Head 24 3/4", Pole 72".


A corseque has a three-bladed head on a 6–8 ft. (1.8m-2.5m.) haft which, like the partisan, evolved from the winged spear or spetum in the later Middle Ages. It was popular in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Surviving examples have a variety of head forms but there are two main variants, one with the side blades (known as flukes or wings) branching from the neck of the central blade at 45 degrees, the other with hooked blades curving back towards the haft. The corseque is usually associated with the rawcon, ranseur and runka. Another possible association is with the "three-grayned staff" listed as being in the armoury of Henry VIII in 1547 (though the same list also features 84 rawcons, suggesting the weapons were not identical in 16th century English eyes). Another modern term used for particularly ornate-bladed corseques is the chauve-souris.

Medieval spears and lances.

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