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Greek Hoplite Spear


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Greek hoplite spear. Famous polearm of Greek warriors. Ancient spear. Greek weapon as seen in 300 Spartan movie.

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Greek Hoplite Spear

Famous polearm of the Greek warriors. As seen in 300 movie.

Greek (Spartan) phalanx formation made this spear legendary in Battle of Thermopylae.

Greek spear

When swords wouldn't do, the Greek soldiers relied heavily on their spears. Our Greek Spear and Buttcap include a hand forged Steel Greek Spearhead, hardwood spear pole and Brass Buttcap. The brass butt-cap protects the shaft, keeps it from splintering and gives balance for the spear. The Greek soldiers cleverly realized the butt cap could also be used as a secondary spearhead should the primary spearhead be broken.

Greek spear features

Head 17", Pole 84"

Overall Length 98.5"

Weigth: 6.6lbs

Ancient weapons / Polearms / Pole weapons.

This weapon cannot ship outside of USA.

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