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Roman Pilum Weighted


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Weighted Roman Square Pilum AH3525. Roman weapons of legionaries. Pilum common about 100 A.D.

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Weighted Roman Pilum

The Weighted Roman Square Pilum-principle weapon of the Roman Legionnaire. This pilum, or spear, was well designed to destroy the ability of the opponent's shield defense. The short head could easily penetrate a wooden shield, and the long neck prevented the head from being cut off. Thus encumbered, the shield was rendered useless, leaving the opponent unprotected. Made of mild steel, it would easily bend, preventing it from being thrown back.

Our replica is weighted to aid penetration, common about 100 A.D.

Roman pilum size

Head 24", Pole 54" long.

Overall Length 84".

Wt. 9lbs¨.

Roman weapons / Polearms / Pole weapons.

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