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Roman Pilum


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Roman Pilum. Pilum (spear) was an essential weapon of the Roman legionaries. Square Roman pilum, 54" overall.

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Roman Pilum

The Roman legionary typically carried at least one Square Pilum, a weapon as intrinsic to Roman combat tactics as the short sword. The Pilum had a long, relatively soft iron shaft which, though certainly capable of penetrating its intended target, was likely to bend on striking armour or the ground, thus making it useless to be thrown back. A common tactic when using the Pilum against troops with shields was to pierce the opponent's shield, whereupon the shaft would bend, making extraction difficult. The opposing soldier, thus encumbered, was likely to throw down his shield, losing his defense against the infamous Roman short sword.

Roman pilum size: Head 28", Pole 54".

Longinus spear is the most famous pilum of all times. According a legend this pilum has ended the life of Jesus Christ on cross.

Roman weapons / Polearms / Pole weapons.

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