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Knight lance was a favourite weapon of medieval knights and warriors. Lance was used for war and for jousting tournaments. Lance length: 53".

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Knight lance a favourite weapon of medieval knights.


The lance was a weapon used by a knight while on horseback to unseat his opponent. If the lance became broken or was dropped the knight could still use his sword to fight off his opponent, dismounting if necessary. Lances were usually made of wood, with metal tips and at first looked more like a spear. Eventually, handguards and specialized metal tips were added.

Lance was a medieval weapon designed for a real fight but also for jousting tournaments. Medieval heavy cavalry with lances was one of the strongest medieval units ever.


Knight lance features

# Overall Length: 53"
# Blade Length: 37"
# Blade Material: Stainless Steel
# Handle: Hardwood
# Scabbard: Hardwood

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