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Templar Knight Suit of Armor with Scottish Cross


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Templar Knight Suit of Armor by Marto of Toledo Spain (Templar Scottish Cross). Medieval armor suit of Knights Templar.

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Templar Suit of Armor

This full size Templar Knight Suit of Armor by Marto of Toledo Spain reproduction was inspired by 15th Century Suit of Armor models that were typical of the armor worn by the crusaders in the Holy Land. The Great Helm, breastplate and gauntlets are rich in Templar decorations such as the PatteƩ Crosses and others Templars' seals and emblems.

The suit of armor is provided with a templar investiture sword, a parade shield decorated by a Templar Scottish Cross (a lot of Templars in fact came from Scotland) and a white cloak with a red PatteƩ Cross embroidered near the left shoulder. This armor is totally made in iron and steel with brass cutins and it's assembled on an elegant wooden leathered basement.

This Templar Knight's Suit of Armor is an exceptionable symbol of Historic , Religious and Noble times that can be adapted to any interior decor. Handcrafted in Toledo Spain, the suits of armor by Martespa, a division of Marto, are the best replicas you can find. Their unrivaled quality and historical authenticity makes them a valuable and impressive collector item!
Templar Armor Suit with Cross features

    * Full Size reproduction.

    * Handcrafted Steel and Iron construction with "old patina" finish.

    * Height: 200 cms - 79 inches.

    * Weight: 97 lbs.

    * Wood Platform Base.

    * Some Assembly required.

    * An Impressive interior decor piece and collector item.


Includes: Templar armor, breastplate, gauntlets, great helm, Templar sword, shield, cloak, stand.

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