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Medieval Armor Suit of Knights Templar


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Medieval Knight Templar Armor Suit-Special limited edition of the full suit of knight armor includes knight helmet, Templar shield and Templar sword. Reproduction of the armor used by the Templars during Crusades. Original of this armor suit is part of the collection of the Real Armeria (Royal Armory) in Madrid, Spain.

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Suit of Armor

Medieval Knight Templar Armor Suit-SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION.

This full size Spanish Templar Knight suit of armour is a replica reproduction of ones used by the crusaders and by the Templars in particular for the whole duration of the Crusades that is part of the collection of the Real Armeria (Royal Armory) in Madrid. The armor , each piece being meticulously handcrafted, has been made in polished steel, ornated with a Templar cross fixed on the chest: a great helm, a sword and a metal shield. Provided with a wooden platform reinforced with metallic angles.

This Templar Knight's Suit of Armor is an exceptionable symbol of Historic and Noble times that can be adapted to any interior decor. Handcrafted in Toledo Spain, the suits of armor by Martespa, a division of Marto, are the best replicas you can find. Their unrivaled quality and historical authenticity makes them a valuable and impressive collector item!

Full Size reproduction.

Handcrafted Steel and Iron construction with "old patina" finish.

Medieval armor parts:
Knight helmet, breastplate, pauldrons, fauld, tassets, elbow cops, cuisses, vambraces, knee cops, greaves, sabaton, chainmail.

Armor accessoires:
Templar knight silver sword of the finest quality.
Templar shield with Templar seal and golden rivets.
Armor stand.

Knight Armor features

Height: 200 cms - 79 inches

Weight: 97 lbs

Wood Platform Base: 22 x 22 inches

Some Assembly required

An Impressive interior decor piece and collector item

LIMITED PRODUCTION - because this is completely made by hand the armorer can only produce 30 pieces per year.


International orders: Contact us before order for shipping rates! Shipping will be counted manually for each international location.


Picture of the medieval knight armor suit for download:

Knight Templar Armor Detail

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