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Cuirassier Armor


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Cuirassier Armor. Renaissance suit of armor of 16-17th century. Cuirassiers (heavy cavalry) were decisive force in the European battlefields.

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Cuirassier Armor

Renaissance suit of armor of 16-17th century.

Armor of an officer or a noble decorated by Gold.

Cuirassiers (heavy cavalry) were decisive warriors in the European battlefields.

Cuirassiers wore plate armor with helmet. They were armed by sword (rapier, pallash, saber) and by 1 or 2 guns.

A regiment of cuirassiers killed the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus at the 1632 Battle of Lutzen.

Cuirassier armor features

Parts of armor are made of steel, etched, gilded and blued.

Weight: 44 lbs.

Height: 180 cms with stand ... 70".

Museum quality reproduction of the original.

Production time: 2-4 months.

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