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Caligae-Greek and Roman Sandals


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Caligae-Greek and Roman Sandals AH3872. Military boots of Greek soldiers and Roman legionaries. Brown leather.

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Roman Caligae

Caligae (Latin; singular caliga) are heavy-soled hob-nailed military boots known for being issued to Roman legionary soldiers and auxiliaries throughout the Roman Republic and Empire. Worn by all ranks up to and including centurions, no other shoes in history stand as much symbol for the expansion of an empire than the famed caligae.

The caligae can resemble modern sandals but were actually marching boots. Sandals proper were not worn outside by the Romans, rather they were regarded as indoor footwear, sometimes even carried by slaves to be changed into for such things as banquets.

These Roman Marching Sandals Caliga have Ankle high leather with leather sole and lace closure.

Sole includes "hobnails".

Brown color.

SIZES: 5-13.

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