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Tourney Viking Sword Blunt by Kingston Arms / Hanwei. Viking sword for reenactors, trianing and stage combat. 9260 spring steel, wood/leather scabbard, 36.5 inches.

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Tourney Viking Sword Blunt

Tourney Series Sparring and Stage Swords from Kingston Arms will set a new standard in this price point of re-enactment weaponry. Features like thru-tang handle construction, peened stainless steel pommel and guard, 2mm rounded edge thickness make these two brutal weapons on the battle field. The cord wrapped leather grip feels exceptional in the hand with an oval cross section and slight barrel shape to keep fatigue at bay. The grip is large enough to accomodate armoured hands. A respectable fuller runs the length of both pieces to lighten and counter balance the swords overall. A wood core and leather wrapped scabbard tipped with a stainless chape comes with each sword. The first Tourney Series models are the Viking Sword and Single-hand Swords with others coming soon.

The blade is forged from 9260 spring steel and is tempered to around 50 Hrc, providing a long lasting sword.

The guard needs special mention, featuring the King-Peen system. King-Peen is essentially a steel tab on the guard under the grip that is pinned through the tang of the sword. This process keeps the guard from going loose after a lengthy campaign without compromising the strength of the hilt. The pommel is pressed into place and hot peened. Combine these two processes and you get a sword that rings like a bell when struck.

Viking Sword Features

2mm Edge Thickness.
9260 Spring Steel Blade.
Traditional thru-tang handle and peened pommel.

Overall: 36 1/2".
Blade Length: 30".
Handle Length: 4 3/8".
Weight: 3lb 2oz.
Blade Steel: 9260.
Handle Material: Wood/Leather.

Made by Kingston Arms / Hanwei.

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