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Scottish Broadsword 88SB


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Cold Steel Scottish Broadsword 88SB. Broad sword of Scottish clans. Long, two-edged sword with a distinctive basket hilt. Famous sword of the Scottish highlanders. Cold Steel DVD: Fighting with saber and cutlass.

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Scottish Broadsword

The traditional weapon of the highland clansman, this sword has sown fear into the hearts of Englishmen for centuries. Its long, two-edged blade and distinctive basket hilt, when combined with targe and dirk has proven to be more than a match for enemy soldiers on battlefields the world over.

Now Cold Steel® has chosen to make our own replica of this famous weapon. Our double-edged blade is hand forged and beautifully polished with triple fullers. The stout basket hilt is made of blued steel with a wood grip covered in samé (ray skin) and decoratively wrapped in wire. Each broadsword will pass the stringent British Proof test and comes with a wood and leather scabbard that’s complimented by blued steel chape and throat.

Scottish Broadsword features

Weight: 47.8 oz
Blade Thick: 7/32"
Blade Length: 31 1/2"
Handle: 6 1/4"
Steel: 1055 Carbon
Overall: 37 3/4"

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Cold Steel DVD: Fighting with saber and cutlass


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