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Thaitsuki Sokueto Hondachi Katana


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Thaitsuki Suekoto Hondachi Katana - KTN5, fully functional and extremely sharp samurai katana crafted by Thaitsuki Nihonto.

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Thaitsuki Suekoto Hondachi Katana - KTN5

The Thaitsuki Fully Functional Koto style blade is a High Carbon forged Japanese steel, Traditional Japanese clay coating and heat treating is used to produce a hard tempered hi with true hamon. The blade has a partial BO-HI (groove). The blade is hand polished and the hamon brought out.

KOSHIRAE - Elegant Koto style black gloss saya with a (buffalo horn) Koiguchi. Off white Japanese Cotton sageo. The tsuka has genuine black gloss (same) and is wrapped with off white silk tsuka-ito with silver/copper Fuchi/Kashira (Shishi motif), silver Menuki. The tsuka is double pegged on a full 10" tang for safety. The sword also has a blackened hand carved copper Tsuba with the silver Shishi's soldered on. A silver one piece Habaki and silver seppa.

This katana is extremely sharp and can be completely disassembled for full maintenance.

Thaitsuki Suekoto Hondachi Katana KTN5 features

* High Carbon forged Steel Blade.
* Clay hardened with a HRC 60-63 Hi and HRC 30-33 Body.
* True Hamon brought out by hand polishing.
* Partial BO-HI.
* Double Pegged handle with full 10" tang for safety.
* Authentic black same.
* Off white Silk Tsuka-Ito with Silver Shishi.
* Black copper handmade tsuba with silver Shishi's.
* One piece silver habaki with Thai Tsuki floral engraving.
* Hard wood Scabbard (saya) with gloss black lacquer.
* Silver shinto dome.
* Buffalo horn koiguchi.
* Off White Japanese cotton sageo. 

* Overall Length: 40".
* Full tang length: 10".
* Blade Length: 29".
* Tsuka Length: 11".
* Sword Weight: 2lbs 8oz.
* Point of Balance: 5".

Thaitsuki swords are hand made when ordered.

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