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White Tachi Samurai Sword


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White Tachi Samurai Sword by YNH. Beautiuful old Japanese sword used by a mounted samurais. 1060 carbon steel blade, aoi-gata tsuba, luxury scabbard.

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Tachi Samurai Sword

Tachi is an old japanese sword used before the classic katana (from 9th century AD).

Tachi is a little longer and slightly more curved for a better slashed from horseback.

Tachi sword was worn edge down.

Steel: 1060 high carbon steel.

White Tachi sword features

Nagasa (blade): 70 Cm. - 72,5 Cm. with Habaki.
Hamon: "Notare"
Sori: 3,00 Cm.
Tsuka: 29 Cm. - Curved.
Tsuka Ito: Ice grey cotton.
Same: Real ray skin.
Tsuba: Aoi Gata.
Bohi     -
Saya: 75 Cm. black laquered wood - Kuroro.
Sageo: Kikko.
Mekugi: Nr. 2 in bamboo.
Weight: 1.540 Gr. with Saya - 1.210 Gr. without Saya.

Delivery time: usually 2-3 weeks.

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