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Ishikawa Katana

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Ishikawa Katana sword by YariNoHanzo. Tribute to the samurai Ishikawa clan. Folded steel blade, notare hamon, black silk ito, annealed red brown saya. Shinken sword suitable for tameshigiri.

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Ishikawa katana

Functional, battle ready samuri sword by YNH.

Tribute to the Samuri clan of Ishikawa.

Ishikawa samurai clan: Ishikawa clan is descendant of the famous Minamoto clan. Ishikawa samurais were vassals of Tokugawa clan who won the race for shogunate during unification of Japan. Ishikawa clan originally ruled in Kaawachi province but they moved later to the Mikawa province.

Ishikawa katana features

Steel: 1060 high carbon steel - Folded.
Nagasa     73,5 Cm. - 75,5 Cm. with Habaki.
Hamon     "Notare".
Sori     2,3 Cm.
Tsuka     28,5 Cm.
Tsuka Ito: Black silk.
Same: Real ray skin.
Tsuba: Roku Mokko.
Bohi: Single.
Saya: 79 Cm. Black/red laquered wood - Inden.
Sageo: Black cotton - Kakucho.
Mekugi: Nr. 2 in bamboo.
Weight     1.370 Gr. with Saya - 1.130 Gr. without Saya.

The Katana is sharpened, suitable for Battodo and Tameshigiri.
Good for cutting exercises on paper, natural straw mat (tatami) and the like.

Made in Europe. Perfect quality control.

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