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Kimura Katana

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Kimura Katana by YNH. Katana of the Kimura Shigenari, samurai hero of the Osaka battle. Maru kitae method, 1095 steel clay tempered, real hamon. Longer blade, black silk ito, black articulated saya.

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Kimura Shigenari Katana

Japanese katana sword of the famous samurai lord, hero of Siege of Osaka (1615).

Kimura Shigenari
Kimura Shigenari (1593-1615) was a Japanese samurai lord of the early Edo period. A retainer of the Toyotomi clan, Shigenari fought at the Siege of Osaka where he died in battle.
Toyotomi Hideyori and Kimura repeately repelled the stronger Tokugawa army during winter Osaka campaign.
During the Summer Siege of Osaka, Kimura left the castle walls, leading the main force of the Toyotomi army and fought against Ii Tadataka’s troops. In that battle, Shigenari wore a suit of armor called kozane made of gold and silver scales, with a white horo (a mantle meant to disrupt the flight of oncoming arrows), and rode a black horse. He fought an all-out battle and was caught in the action. He was beheaded, and the head was taken to Tokugawa Ieyasu, who saw it neatly trimmed on the forehead and the hair tidily cut and perfumed with incense. Everything indicated that he had gone into the battle well prepared to die in the field.
Toyotomi and Kimura with 60 000 men faced to 150 000 men of Tokugawa clan. The battle was decisive victory of the Tokugawa shogunate.

Kimura katana features

Maru Kitae.
Steel: 1095 high carbon steel - Clay tempered.
Nagasa:    76,5 Cm. - 78,5 Cm. with Habaki.
Hamon: Gunome Chôji real hamon.
Sori: 2,00 Cm.
Tsuka     27,5 Cm.
Tsuka Ito: Black silk - Katate Maki.
Same: Real ray skin.
Tsuba: Mokkogata.
Bohi: Yes, Single
Saya: 83 Cm. black laquered wood - Kuroro/Inro.
Koiguchi: Real buffalo horn.
Kurigata: Real buffalo horn.
Kojiri: Real buffalo horn.
Sageo: Shigeuchi 220 cm - Black-white - Made in Japan.
Mekugi:    Nr. 2 in bamboo.
Weight:    1.640 Gr. with Saya - 1.340 Gr. without Saya.

The Katana is sharpened, suitable for Battodo and Tameshigiri.
Awesome for cutting exercises on paper, natural straw mat (tatami) and the like.
Iaito version available.

Made in Europe. Perfect quality control.

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