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Oni Demon Katana

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Oni Demon Katana by YNH. Japanese mythology samurai sword with Oni demon motif. 1060+1095 carbon steel, folded and clay tempred, Kobuse kitae construction. HRC: 60/45.

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Oni katana

Finest quality folded and clay tempered katana.

Fully functional, battle ready samurai sword suitable for cutting.

Mythological samurai katana sword.

Japanese Ushi-Oni motif.

Oni demon: Oni demons are often depicted in Japanese temples. Oni demons are symbol of might and protection. The Ushi-Oni demons are depicted as an oxes with a horned head.

Oni katana Features

Forging method: Kobuse Kitae.
Steel: 1060+1095 high carbon steel - Folded and clay tempered. HRC: 60/45.
Nagasa:    73,5 cm. - 75,5 Cm. with Habaki.
Hamon: "Notare" real hamon.
Sori: 2,3 Cm.
Motohaba: 33 mm.
Sakihaba: 23 mm.
Tsuka: 28,5 Cm. - with hishigami.
Tsuka Ito: Black leather - MADE IN ITALY.
Same: Real ray skin - Black.
Tsuba: Kakugata.
Bohi: Single.
Saya: 80 Cm. black laquered wood - Kuroro - with kogatana.
Koiguchi: Real buffalo horn.
Kurigata: Iron.
Kojiri: Real buffalo horn.
Sageo: Deluxe Ryuko Sageo black SILK - 220 cm - MADE IN JAPAN.
Mekugi: Nr. 2 in bamboo.
Weight: 1.630 Gr. with Saya - 1.210 Gr. without Saya.

Free sword stand.

The Katana is sharpened, suitable for Battodo and Tameshigiri.
Iaito version available.

Made in Europe. Perfect quality control.

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