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Battle of Bunker Hill Sword


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Battle of Bunker Hill Sword (1776). Revolutionary military sword (War hanger). 24" carbon steel blade, brass hand guard and pommel, complete with leather scabbard with brass fittings.

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1776 Battle of Bunker Hill Sword

Revolutionary military sword.

18th century war hanger.

24" carbon steel blade.
Brass fittings and hand guard.
Includes matching leather scabbard.
30" overall length.
(Half-tang blade).

Battle of Bunker Hill
The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought on June 17, 1775, during the Siege of Boston in the early stages of the American Revolutionary War. The battle is named after Bunker Hill in Charlestown, Massachusetts, which was peripherally involved in the battle. It was the original objective of both the colonial and British troops, though the majority of combat took place on the adjacent Breed's Hill.
It was pyrrhic victory of the British forces.

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