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Templar Knight Great Helm


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Templar great helm. Great helm of Knights Templar by Marto, Toledo, Spain. Steel helmet of Templar crusaders. Medieval knight helmet.

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Templar great helm

The Templar Knight Great Helm by Marto of Toledo Spain, also called Pot Helm, was the typical helmet used by the crusaders and by the Templars in particular for the whole duration of the Crusades.

Its name comes from the shape very similar to a pot and due to the necessity to offer the best possible protection to the head.

However, the view capabilities were greatly reduced letting possible only the frontal view and for this reason this helm was used also by cavalry for charges or tourneys.

This model is made in steel enriched by a brass cross used to denote the knight affiliation to the army of God and by a series of traceries in the shape of crosses usefull to improve the air access inside the helm.

The helm comes with a practical metallic display stand.   

Great Helm of Templars features

* Full Size reproduction
* Handcrafted Steel
* Height: 35 cms - 14 inches
* Display Stand: Steel


Medieval helmet - part of a Templar armor.

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